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Unable to Edit Fields in ExpertConfiguration

Started by er824, July 31, 2011, 01:01:35 PM

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I'm trying to edit the Phone Outbound Call Route in the Expert Configuration Set up wizard but can't edit any of the values. When I click in the displayed text fields it doesn't respond to any keyboard events. I've tried from Chrome, IE, and FF on Windows 7 and from Safari on a Mac.

I suspect I'm doing something stupid...  :(



Next to  Phone Outbound Call Route: uncheck obitalk settings,device default settings: then you can edit it.


Thank you. I could of sworn I tried that but obviously not.

Can you sanity check the outbound call route? I changed the default rule so that 411 and 911 calls would be sent out over sp2.




The changes you've made will work.

I would argue, however, that 411 doesn't deserve special handling in the OutboundCallRoute.  In my opion, only 911 deserves special handling in the OutboundCallRoute and 411 should be handled routinely in the ITSP Profile B DigitMap.

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> OutboundCallRoute:


Service Providers -> ITSP Profile B -> General -> DigitMap:




Would you mind explaining the difference between configuring the DialMap vs the outbound call route?

I was trying to route 411 over sp2 because Callcentric will connect you to a free 411 service.



Placing a call consists of two steps:

1. The dialed number is first processed through the PHONE Port DigitMap.  This validates and possibly transforms the dialed number.

2. The number resulting from step 1 is then processed through the PHONE Port OutboundCallRoute, sending the call to a particular trunk.

In order to keep all this manageable and readable, separate DigitMaps are associated with each trunk (ITSPA/ITSPB/OBiTALK/LINE).  These trunk DigitMaps are simply a combined extension of the PHONE Port DigitMap, but the same trunk DigitMaps are also used individually in the PHONE Port OutboundCallRoute rules.  This creates a tight relationship between the PHONE Port DigitMap and PHONE Port OutboundCallRoute that's important not to upset.  As such, I believe it's good form to modify the two PHONE Port structures only when absolutely necessary.  Placing specific cases in the trunk DigitMaps to which they apply also enhances clarity.

Admittedly, this simple case of 411 support is a bit subtle.  Although your changes would work, you still need to add 411 somewhere in a DigitMap (preferably in ITSPB).  This is because the only DigitMap rule you currently have that would match 411 is the xx. rule.  Since this not an exact match rule, there will be a 10 second timeout instead of a 2 second timeout.  With 411 added to the ITSPB DigitMap, no special handling in the OutboundCallRoute is required.

You didn't state it, but I get the impression that your PrimaryLine may be SP1.  If that's the case you would also need:

Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> General -> DigitMap:


With this, dialing 411 will get transformed to **2411 during step 1 processing allowing it to go out SP2 as 411 during step 2 processing.

Dialing **2411 will also properly go out SP2.


Wow, thanks for the thorough explanation. So that would explain why when I test dialed 411 it took a while before anything happened.

If I understand you explanation you are saying I should change my Phone outbound call route to:


And then change the DigitMap for SP1 (which is my gv account and is set to primary) to:


and the digit map for sp2 to:


When in the process are the trunk digit maps consulted? How come 911 wouldn't exhibit the same 10 second delay?

Thanks for your help and for the explanation,


You have the changes correct (you don't need the parenthesis around 911, but they don't do any harm).

The trunk DigitMaps are referenced by (Msp1), (Msp2), (Mpp), and (Mli) in both the PHONE Port DigitMap and the PHONE Port OutboundCallRoute rules.

911 is defined in the PHONE Port DigitMap.