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Obi 200 411 & 911

Started by deena, May 20, 2017, 08:08:32 AM

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I just got an Obi 200 and realized after that you couldn't make short code calls through it using google voice. Can anyone help me figure out how to make it so that when I type in 911 and 411 it calls another longer 7-10 digit number instead? This is for a disabled women who can't memorize the longer numbers for the local 911 hub or the free 411 number I found for her.

Reading through some of the forums I found a no longer active one ( which told me how I could add this in... sort of. You can make it so that it calls another number instead by doing following the instructions it provided.

{(<411:18003733411>):sp1},  added to the front of the OutboundCallRoute will call "1800 BING 411" on SP1

I was able to use this successfully so that I could redirect the 911 OR the 411 call but I couldn't get it to do both using this code. It would only use the first section marked {(<411:18003733411>):sp1} or {(<911:1413259300>):sp1} (the second number is my local 911 hub).

The instructions for 911 were different and I couldn't really understand them. If you have an obi100 or 110 and want to see them just copy and past the web address I posted earlier. I don't want to take up too much space here.

*I've gone back and edited the post quite a bit. I've shortened it and taken out direct quotes from other posts I had in it before. The post below worked great for my obi200 and if you need 411 and 911 you should use those instructions substituting your own local 911 center or preferred 411 number.

Thanks to everyone how read and the person who contributed!


I didn't read your entire post, so I might be missing something. If you want to send 911 and 411 to SP1 do this:

Phone DigitMap:

Phone OutboundCallRoute:


Thanks, I know it was a long post, I just didn't want to leave anything out. I'll try it and give feedback.


Thanks for the help! it worked perfectly :-D.