Using Obi's from abroad.

Started by ddajgh, August 02, 2011, 05:01:51 PM

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I have set up 4 Obi's in the US, using Google Talk.  (I love the Obi!!)

I would like to set up an Obi in South Africa, with a US number, to make it as much like a US phone as possible.

From what I have read, Google talk does not work outside North America.

I could do this:
Use a SipGate account on the Obi, and have Google Voice forward to the SipGate Number.
- The downside of this is that the people in South Africa have to initiate all their outgoing calls through on the computer.

But what about this ???
I'd use 2 Obi's - one in South Africa and one in America.
The one in South Africa would be in the America ones "Circle of Trust".
Then the people in South Africa could connect to the Obi in America.  (they could put the number on speed dial, so its quick)
Then they could use the Google Talk feature of the one in America.

Would that work?

I have not set up a "Circle of Trust" yet.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Here's an approach that will allow any number OBi's to make calls though each other:


Thanks Ron,

Unfortunately, I don't understand what is written on that page.  I've got to read the forums some more....

Another question
If I am going to have multiple Obi's for multiple people, who aren't connected to each other.  Some which I set up for friends, some which I set up for families, should I add them all to the same profile on  Or should each one be a separate profile?  Does it make a difference?


This post might clear things up a little:

I don't use the OBiTALK Web Portal, so I'm not the best one to ask (it's not necessary to use the OBiTALK Web Portal).

The configuration I pointed you to takes care of 'Circle of Trust' security concerns.


Google Voice does indeed work outside the US, you just can't sign up if you are located outside the US (non-US ip address).  I live in the UK and have been using Google Voice + Obi110 for months now (and even longer with a freepbx setup, which btw has been replaced with a few obi110s :) )

That being said, yes, your setup with sipgate+gv would work (and would indeed have the issue of making outgoing calls as you mentioned), as well as you could also have your South Africa obi connect through your US obi to make outgoing calls -- however, as long as you have a google voice account already setup, you should be able to use it from your obi110/obi100 from outside the US without a problem.