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Started by tcase, August 03, 2011, 09:34:08 PM

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Just curious, Ive thought about buying an OBi for my home, but i was curious, ive read that google voice is only suppose to be free for this year alone, then 2012 suppose to be paid service,,, not sure if I see that actually happening, but my question is: If google voice goes to a paid service, and wanting nothing but free service, would it be possible to find other free service, or since this also looks like it works with your gmail account, does every think it will always stay free? most things google comes out with is free,,, I love them for that... Ive learned alot from google over the years, even starting to learn how to make my own android apps without even having an android phone anyhow.. Im thinking with gmail being used also, i think, that there will always be this free service, just want to try to make sure to verify buying an OBi, because its already August, and dont want to get something and then lose it... I hope this makes sense...



anything would just be speculation.

What do you use now? If you currently use a landline there are plenty of services that can be used with the Obi that are much much cheaper than that.


sry took so long, we just use a cable phone now,,, suppose to cost at the least 14.95 a month with discounts, im not sure i will get.. but, our cable company was bought out by optimum, was bresnan cable. local landline costs about the same, but figure if google does charge for their service, and looking at skype prices, I dont think we would be hurting to just stick with google. I mean, skype for unlimited usa is Unlimited United States
15% off when you subscribe for 12 months $6.99/month. so, even with out the 15% off wouldnt go over 8 dollars a month, i think... So, I think it would be stupid to pay 15 dollars a trying to find ways to talk my wife into to her, one bill is more important than price... to me, its the but, we get along pretty good and only argue about how are kids are so dang all teens... so, what im thinking, it would be a good investment anyhow,  because we also have 4 cell phones from verizon wireless thats costing us an arm and leg.. thinking about hulu or something for cable, can get that on ps3, but never tried it... netflix,, but thats a real hard one to talk the wife into... She loves cable.. Im just tired of the, Well, thanks for all your help, and I think I answered my own