OBI1062 - Not showing contact name on receiving call

Started by Pecky, September 02, 2017, 06:42:18 AM

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Hi got an Obi1062 on latest firmware 5.0.7 (was on 5.0.6 when purchased).

I have 2 SIP services from SIPGate and Voipfone, both work fine for incoming calls and display the caller ID of the caller, so the phone is receiving the ID.

The Contacts are stored in the phone, some saved by saving the incoming callers number so they should match the incoming call.

I can't for the life of me get the phone to display the name from the contacts when I receive an incoming call. Am I missing something, or is this very basic requirement not present in the phone? The manual suggests it should match and display the callers name.

I know the phone matches the incoming number with the contacts list as the personalized ringtone is played where selected

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the names dispayed?


Quote from: Pecky on September 02, 2017, 06:42:18 AM
Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the names dispayed?

This has never worked on any of the OBi1000 series IP phones, ever! I reported the issue way back when the phones were first launched, it's been mentioned on this forum a few times since. However, OBihai have turned a blind eye to it. It's the reason why I don't use any of the OBi1000 phones myself.

I'm speculating that it's because of OBiEXTRA's, one of the chargeable features:

QuoteCaller ID Name with Number

When you integrate Google Contacts with your OBi device, incoming calls from people in your Google Contacts directory will show their name and number on your phone's display.

Who's going to sign up to OBiEXTRAs for this feature, if the phone does it as standard?
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