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Is PhonePower still an approved service provider?

Started by turbocycle, October 02, 2017, 11:49:47 AM

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How can I sign up to Phone Power Obi special rate?   Are they still an approved service provider?
I don't see the link to sign up for it in ObiTalk.

It is advertised on --> services as $59.99/yr plan as shown here:

But it doesn't appear as an option to sign up here:


Quote from: KevKan on October 04, 2017, 08:57:45 AM
What is the current status of PhonePower as an approved service provider?

As they are no longer listed as an approved service provider, how will current Obihai users, who utilize PhonePower, be supported?   For example, how do you add them back as a provider if for some reason you had to temporarily delete them?   Also how do you resync your device when the Resync My Device button is no longer present?

Good questions. I think you'll only find the answers by contacting Obihai support.

I contacted PhonePower and as far as the support tech knew everything was still the same. But I'm sure she was a low level script reader and wouldn't actually know if PhonePower was no longer an "approved service provider." She just pointed me to this url and said that's all she knew about it.

And since this url no longer works (but did yesterday when I talked to her) I'd say things aren't looking good.


Quote from: KevKan on October 04, 2017, 10:26:40 AM

Is there an easy way to move it?

No. Just delete your post(s) and remake them. In my view, you should be posting under the Regional Service Provider Support North America subforum.

But post them wherever you see fit.


Taoman, I did as you suggested and moved the post.  BTW, here is the response from Obihai Support:

Edit:  Having some issue posting with Photo Bucket.  It was up here but is has been removed by them...something about third party hosting.


Bad information! They are still accessible through the ObiTALK portal.  Just found out while PhonePower is no longer in the "Approved Service Provider" list, they are still a provider.  When you go into Approved Service Providers and drill down, you will find them in the list "ObiTalk Compatible Service Providers" .


It has been confirmed PhonePower is no longer an Obihai "Approved Service Provider."

However, you can still have PhonePower as one of your Service Providers on your OBi device thru the ObiTalk Compatible Service Providers wizard/template.