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Is PhonePower still an approved service provider?

Started by KevKan, October 04, 2017, 02:14:48 PM

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For years I have been using an Obi100 along with PhonePower. It is a great phone service and has worked flawlessly. Recently the Obi100 has stopped sending DTMF tones (probably as a result of some firmware update). As a result I bought an Obi200 and called PhonePower to help me set it up. Their current procedure is pretty easy; give them the MAC address of the Obi200; follow the directions at: The upside is that the Obi200 now works with PhonePower; the downside is that they seem to "own" the device now; it is locked; I can no longer log onto it and no other services (e.g. Google Voice) can be set up on SP2, SP3 or SP4.