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New Feature-Trunk Group

Started by dvijen, February 07, 2011, 05:51:00 PM

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Can we have some examples on this feature to better understand its applicability?


OBi110 admin guide has been updated for ver 1.1. There should be some examples.


One common usage is like this:

Voice-services->GW and Trunk Groups-> TrunkGroup1-> Trunk List = sp1, sp2 (this is already the default)
and also make the Digit Map = Msp   (same as SP1 and SP2)

Phone Primary Line = Trunk Group 1
AA Primary Line  = Trunk Group 1

If you are using GV, you can only make one call at a time.  You can configure both SP1 and SP2 with the same Gmail acct, and now you can make 2 calls (press "flash" to put the 1st call on hold, and flash again to conference).  Hence 3 way calling with the OBi/GV is possible to do.


i have 2 GV accounts set up. While in a call on sp1 if I hit flash I get a dial tone. I assume that is for sp2. If I try to place a call on the second dial tone I get a recording that no service is available.


Make sure the Primary Line is selected to be as Trunk Group 1, then it will hunt between SP1 and SP2 whichever is available.   Note that OBiTALK configurator is unable to do this yet, need to do it manually, hence remember to turn off your auto-provisioning to avoid being overwritten.