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Out going calls and GV

Started by stephenju, February 11, 2011, 01:33:22 PM

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I just read about Obi 110 and find it a very interesting device. I do have this question:

Say I have a POTS line and a Google Voice account. I want to use GV for all out-going international calls, but the POTS for local and domestic ones. Is it possible?



Yes, the pots line is the primary line for outgoing calls by default, so you just pick up and dial.

to use the GV line you press **1 (or **2 if you set it up on SP2) and then dial your outgoing number as usual


Thanks. That will work. Although I was hoping it has some sort of dial plan that automatically routes call to different lines/services by the patterns of the dialed numbers.



Cool. Thanks a lot. Now if only I can actually buy the thing... :)