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Panasonic kx-tge233b and OBI200

Started by tbaggott, November 04, 2017, 08:42:36 AM

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Need Help!  Have a Panasonic kx-tge233b and a OBI 200 FW When caller calls my phone (OBI200 to panasonc kx-tge233b) it will answer and give message and then beep. But right after beep (1/2 second) another beep and then 3 seconds later another beep, and then 3 seconds later another beep, and then 3 seconds later another beep, and then the answer machine does unhook. (time limits on message)
I think somehow OBI starts maybe a fax????? Have taken back panasonc kx-tge233b 2 times and get same problem. Have called Phone Power (very helpful) and Panasonic (not so helpfull) I put another old Panasonic on the OBI200 and no problems. Help.



Thank you drgeoff.!!!!  I have many, many hours of research on this problem and I knew it was a response from the OBI200.

Also for great work, chilirock (part of post)
If anyone is interested in trying the settings to see if it resolves the issue with your answering machine, here they are. I only had to change a couple of these as a couple of them were already set the way they suggested. Based on the suggested settings, I'm guessing that the fax capability will no longer work. For me that's not an issue as I never use the line for faxes. But it may be an issue for others, so fair warning.  

---Codec Profile A & B---

FAX Event Section
- Enable: unchecked (mine was already unchecked)

Codec Settings Section
- T38Enable: Unchecked (mine was checked)
- T38Redundancy: 0 (mine was set to 2)

---ITSP Profile X (The Callcentric one eg. ITSP B)---

SIP Sub-section
- X_SessionRefresh: Unchecked (mine was already unchecked)
- X_FaxPassThroughSignal: None (mine was set to ReINVITE)

What I still need to determine is "why" the Obi is sending the packet trying to re-establish the call as a fax. I will try creating a support ticket with Obihai to see if they can determine what might have changed in the recent firmware versions that is causing the issue. I'll post here again if I find anything new