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OBiTalk softphone in Safari 11.0.2 bug/conflict (moved from general discussions)

Started by JohnnyJackhammer, December 13, 2017, 02:55:59 PM

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Safari 11 implements a new feature that is not playing nicely with OBiTalk softphone on

Safari allows a user to configure the Microphone and "Allow All Auto-Play" on a particular website. When initiating a call on the OBiTalk softphone Safari asks if a user wants to "Allow". Usually, If a user selects "Allow" Safari will remember that site as a "Configured Website". Unfortunately, the website is not interfacing properly with this new Safari feature and the webpage is not allowing audio to play regardless of the user choosing to "Allow" it. Any chance this can be remedied?


"You may still be 6 months away from being able to use this in production, when you also factor in any time needed to make code changes on your site. Don't forget you'll also have to test all the site's functionality in Safari now, and so even outside of the WebRTC support, you may have been able to ignore all sorts of HTML/CSS glitches before because you didn't care about Safari users. Now you have to care."

Guess I won't get a response from OBi, but at least I know the reason behind the issue and can stop spending my time looking for a solution on my end and move on.