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No OBiTalk attendant on Safari

Started by JohnnyJackhammer, December 13, 2017, 05:27:06 PM

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When accessing using Safari; all settings opened up no extensions running; I don't hear the Obi Attendant ask me to push 1 or 2. If I press 1 after connected my obi device will ring but there is no audio from the computer speaker. While looking in Little Snitch (set to allow all connections) I can see an active incoming connection from ( and data is bi-directional. But can't hear a thing over the speaker on the computer.

This is not the case with Google Chrome browser on the same machine. I can hear the Obi Attendant.

Do we need to have the GoogleTalk extension installed and active for this to work?


"You may still be 6 months away from being able to use this in production, when you also factor in any time needed to make code changes on your site. Don't forget you'll also have to test all the site's functionality in Safari now, and so even outside of the WebRTC support, you may have been able to ignore all sorts of HTML/CSS glitches before because you didn't care about Safari users. Now you have to care."

Guess I won't get a response from OBi, but at least I know the reason behind the issue and can stop spending my time looking for a solution on my end and move on.


Just curious, is there a reason why you don't want to use Chrome?

If the OBi and your computer are on the same LAN, you might be able use a softphone. You would be able to make and receive calls without the Auto Attendant.  If they are not on the same LAN, this method might not work.

If you are interested:
What model OBi and computer do you have?
I assume your computer is a MAC.
Are they on the same LAN?
Zoiper is a free softphone for a MAC.


No reason not to use Chrome. Nowhere on does it say that WebRTC is not compatible with Safari. I spent quite a few hours thinking this was an issue with my setup. Opening up ports, turning off extensions, playing with preferences, etc. Then decided to compare against Chrome. Just frustrating that this company hasn't added a simple notice that the softphone doesn't work with Safari yet. Although it seems very, very close to working - they just need to clean up their HTML.

Even more annoying is that on the softphone settings adware page every device field I click on sends me to the obi web page. Naughty naughty!

The obi and my computer are on the same LAN.
By "softphone" you mean the website that uses WebRTC?

Model OBi202
Same LAN
I will look into Zoiper, in fact just did a google search for "softphone" and it popped up. Being the noob I am I thought we were tied to the Obitalk webpage if we wanted to use the softphone.



You need to use OBi Expert to make the following changes on your OBi202.
To enter OBi Expert from the Dashboard click on the gear ICON to the right of your OBi202 then select OBi Expert Config, confirm and select Enter OBi Expert.
To navigate click on the titles with the + then click on a sub-title.
An example: click on Service Providers then click ITSP Profile A General.
To make a change BOTH boxes to the right of the value must be unchecked.
When all changes are complete on this page, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
OBiTalk will download the configuration changes to the OBi202 and reboot it.
Continue to the next page.

OBi202 Setup:
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile D -> SIP -> ProxyServer :
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile D -> SIP -> X_Proxy:  Checked
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile D -> SIP -> X_SpoofCallerID : Checked

Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> AuthUserName: OBi202
Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> AuthPassword: password
Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> X_ServProvProfile: D
Voice Services -> SP4 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute:

Voice Services -> SP1 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute:
If you want inbound calls to ring the OBi202 Phone1 and Zoiper:
If you want inbound calls to ring Phone1 and Phone2 and Zoiper:

Zoiper setup:
I don't own a MAC, so setup might be different. The following is how to add an additional account. I don't remember if it's different on initial setup.

Start Zoiper
Click Settings then Preferences
Click Create Account
SIP should already be selected
Click Next
User: OBi202
Password: password
Domain/Proxy: xx.xx.xx.xx:5063        (OBi202 IP address, 5063 is SP4's port#)
Change Acct Name: OBI202
Account Has Been Added

If you get an error, post back.

You defined a dummy account on the OBi202 SP4
Zoiper will register to this account
Dial zero to ring Phone1 on the OBi202
Any other number that matches the SP1 digit map will be routed to the provider defined on SP1.
Changes to these rules can be made if this doesn't meet your requirements.


All I can say is thank you. Much appreciated!

I will give this a try at some point this week. I had some spare time to work with this yesterday and now it's all used up. Do we have any idea when there will be an iOS softphone app?


Quote from: JohnnyJackhammer on December 14, 2017, 11:57:59 AM
All I can say is thank you. Much appreciated!

I will give this a try at some point this week. I had some spare time to work with this yesterday and now it's all used up. Do we have any idea when there will be an iOS softphone app?
Obihai have lost interest in this.

The PC "bridge software" between the proprietary Obitalk protocol and a standard SIP client is no longer listed on the Obihai website.

The Android app has not been updated in years and does not run on later versions of Android.

There was an iOS app but I understand it is no longer available on Apple's appstore.