Error on Obihai 110

Started by smiths9312, August 13, 2011, 06:15:46 PM

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My Obihai unit was working fine for nearly a month, but now it seems to have problems daily.  Below is the error message from my Obi Dashboard.  If I delete the device and enter my SIP information for VoipMyWay, it will work fine.  But then the next day it will be back with this error message again. 

Service Provider 1 MyVoip Register Failed: No Response From Server (server=; retrying)

I'm able to make calls on my cell phone via SipDroid with the same settings and no problems at all.  I'm getting tired deleting the device and re-entering the information daily and my wife is ready to throw it out the window. 

Any help in getting this resolved? Is my Obihai faulty?


Reconfiguring the OBi from the Dashboard does two things.  It loads settings and it reboots the OBi.

If it were me, I would get the OBi working correctly and log into the OBi directly using the IP address returned by dialing ***1 and set:

System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> Auto Provisioning -> Method : Disabled.

If the OBi stops working again, log into the OBi directly and make sure no settings have changed.

Then reboot the OBi and see if service returns.


Thank's Ron!  I've made those updates and hoping for the best.