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Google voice number recovery

Started by arikhome, December 15, 2017, 11:50:15 AM

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My OBi100 stop working and we all know why.
But after that I cannot to sign-in into my Gmail account and Google does not recognizing my phone number.
I have all records (email, password, forwarding and recovery numbers) - nothing works.
I've done all steps to get back to my Gmail with absolutely no result, so I'm assuming that I lost my Google phone number.
Is anyone experienced and fixed such problem?


Google Voice is a service, just like Gmail or Calendar or Maps, that is tied to a Google account.  The account is accessed via a Gmail user ID and password, like

If you don't remember it, and/or the password you think is right doesn't work, AND you can't sign into Gmail, then you have lost your number.


Like some people mentioned couple days before about OBi100 starting working again, my GV number
is alive and well (who knows for how long).
But Gmail still does not recognize this number nor my account.