Obi100 works with Google Voice like a charm. Why?

Started by Zopa, January 06, 2018, 11:56:07 AM

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So Obi100 devices are not supposed to work with Google Voice.

I had a device connected to a fax machine for years. Decided to check if it still works. It does. Figured maybe it's working because it's been connected since forever. Went to ObiTalk dashboard, removed GV account, added another one. The device still works. Rebooted the device. Still works. Like a charm.


ModelName      OBi100
HardwareVersion   2.8
SoftwareVersion      1.3.0 (Build: 2886)


There are plenty of posts explain the reason why it still works for some OBi1xx users. It will stop working, just a case of when...

You're options:

  • Install the patched firmware that contains the required certs
  • Buy an OBi2xx series device
  • upgraded to the Simonics GV gateway


  • Continue as you are for now and when it stops working further down the line, pick one of the three options above.
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6.00 one time payment at Simonics best money I've spent in a while. Added CNAM to my 200 and it works perfectly.


A few weeks ago, Google either rolled back their certificate change, or replaced newer servers with older ones.  Rumor has it this is a temporary change and eventually all of the servers will be updated with the new certificate.

I would proactively install the third-party patched firmware so that you don't have any downtime if and when the change does happen: