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SIP phones no longer connected after 3.2.1 (Build: 5794EX) Saturday 1/21/18

Started by BlakeN, January 21, 2018, 05:58:11 PM

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I know, old topic..but just wanted to know that this procedure still works.

For reference, I did the "OBi-VoIP-Device-Attach-Legacy-IP-Phone-Workbook-v1-0.pdf" procedure.

I have an Obi200 and a Cisco SPA504G.   I followed the PDF directions using option two (for any Obi).

Then I found this thread and changed the appropriate things. 

Only mistake I made was before I found this article...and deleted the entry in Ext4>Dial Plan... so I don't know what the default is...but I put "xx." (minus quotes) from the first attempt (prior to the PDF procedure).

It dials out and rings with as far as I am is a win!