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For many months No forum login

Started by markosjal, September 28, 2022, 11:27:38 PM

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For many months I have been unable to Log in to these forums using my normal Gmail authentication method.

I have been able to perform the initial login using my gmail login and go to obitalk dashboard but then I can not get to forums and remain logged in. So recently I read that someone else had a similar issue and he created a new account using a standard login with username and password, not gmail.

That is what I just did even though this system sent me a bogus message saying my email; address was already in use but the email came in and I clicked the link and the account works but my devices are all on a different account

I had sent support tickets top Poly about these issues and of course they referred me to these forms without even reading my messages apparently. 

let it all go to he11

Poly want a cracker? Fix it its broken and so is Poly apparently ...Never again a Poly , Polycom nor Obi.


Ok so this just gets weirder. After making some posts here (as markosjal) I realized that I was posting as one of the very accounts that I had been unable to log into (gmail login), and not the new account (email and password) .

 Unfortunately I can not reproduce logging in to that account as I signed out to see if it would work again. Then I find I am still logged in with the NEW account that I made with email address and password HUH????? This made no sense to me.

I am beginning to suspect that somehow this is because I have multiple Gmail accounts, and often I am logged into a few of them simultaneously. All of my obi devices are on a single gmail account. Nether of these accounts I have posted from today is the account I want to use, and that has the devices in the obitalk portal..  The username and password login on the obitalk portal must have triggered something saying that I was "logged in" that is not getting triggered by a gmail login. furthermore I was not signed into the obitalk portal with a gmail account at all but posted in forums from a gmail login

I guess Poly has no desire to fix it.


Quite a while ago I reported that if I used the social login (SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE), I could get logged in but when entering the forum I was a visitor. I had to log into the site with my Gmail email address instead and could see my regular forum entries.
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