Google Voice Obi200 Cisco SIP phone conference call echo when my phone on mute

Started by BlakeN, May 07, 2018, 08:48:36 AM

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Hi All,

      I have a weird problem I have been debugging for a while.  I have been using my setup (OBi200 google voice with Cisco SPA514G SIP phone for years now.  I believe the problem has begun to occur more recently but not sure.  I have been on more long conference calls lately where I am muted.  When on a conference call (Webex for example) and my phone is muted, conference members sometimes complain of bad feedback and echo after a while.  Webex shows audio coming from my line even though my Cisco phone is muted (this is how I first keyed into it maybe being me).  If I mute at the source via webex interface or conference line that allows you a *X command the problem goes away.  I have also noticed that if I unmute my phone briefly the problem will go away for a while.  Meaning I think it only happens when my phone is muted for some time.  When on a call where I am active or don't have my phone muted the problem is never encountered.  So it appears it only happens after I have been on mute at my phone for some time - maybe 10 minutes or more but not sure.

      I don't believe any configuration changes have been made lately (I think I have code locked down - currently at 3.2.1 (Build: 5757EX)).  The only change that I can figure out is that I did have a POE switch die on me and I replaced that.  The new one is a BV-Tech.  But not sure when this really started.

      Thanks in advance for helping me with this.


I tried switching POE Switches and that did not solve the problem.