Sip Phone can no longer make outgoing calls

Started by mhdawson, May 12, 2018, 06:37:55 PM

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I've got a sip phone configured to connect to the OBI, but as of ~2 weeks ago outgoing calls started failing.

I can still make outgoing calls from regular phones connected to the phone port.


Same here Linksys SPA942.  Receives incoming calls just fine but outgoing now gets fast busy and displays "
Invalid Number".  I noticed in call logs for calls placed from the analog phone port a 1 is now placed in front of all outgoing calls, this was not the case prior to the new firmware.  I have tried inserting a 1 in front of outgoing calls on the SPA942 but same result "Invalid Number".  If anyone has helpful hints or figures this out please let me know.


Check this topic out. Probably can skip to page 3

There does not seem to be a solution yet, but if enough of us get together maybe either they will fix it or we can find a work around.  


Try forcing a specific vocoder like the G711u at your SIP phone and see if that solves your issue.