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Obi110 and FIOS Voice Mail indicator...

Started by Callindril, October 16, 2017, 08:15:27 PM

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Have an OBi110 hooked up to my FIOS line, and a Panasonic DECT6.0 phone...

If I have the Voice Services  --> SP2 Service --> MWIEnable, X_VMWIEnable, Message Waiting boxes all checked, I get the correct VM indicator on the phone, and the stuttering dial tone correctly if I have a waiting message on the Fios VoiceMail system...Problem is that the indicator and the dial tone stutter also happens if I don't have a message waiting...

I have cleared out all existing message from the system, and if I plug the phone directly into the FIOS line, I do not get the indicators, but as soon as I plug the phone back into the 110, the indicators come back...

What settings do I need to set to have the indicators only show when there is actually a message waiting?

Thanks for any suggestions



I am receiving calls from

xyz 11671891116

where xyz is some 3 digit number. This 3 digit number keeps changing.

No one answers.

Sometimes the calling numbers changes to 0-7000 or 6661

The only way to stop this is to disconnect the phone.

These calls are not showing as received calls when I log into google voice, so I am unable to block them.

Please help!!