Obihai 1032 & GV - Forwarding and placing callers on hold no longer work

Started by zhangster, May 22, 2018, 01:36:45 PM

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We recently got firmware updates so now we can continue to place and receive calls with GV.  But we noticed 2 features stopped working:

  • 1. When my front desk transfers calls to my office, the call simply hangs up when the front desk hits "Transfer Now".
  • 2. When a 2nd call comes into the front desk and my front desk puts them on hold, the call simply hangs up.

Model:  Obi1032
S/W version: 5.1.11 (build 3858EX.1311)
H/W version: 1.3

Any help is appreciated!


They started working today.  Is OBi tech people watching and silently fixing the bugs?  If so, thank you!


We have the same issue. How did you fix the problem? We have had the phones for 3 years now and over the last 6 months, we do not have the ability to transfer calls between phones anymore.