Firmware update 3.2.2 (Build: 5859EX) causes unstable connections

Started by basilirwin, May 27, 2018, 06:41:28 AM

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i'm reposting this here because I posted it in the wrong forum earlier:

My obi202 has been rock solid for close to two years, but a couple of hours ago both of my connections suddenly stopped working: one is google voice and the other is All attempted inbound calls received busy and all attempted outbound calls received a "dial-tone" of nothing but constant beeping.

This happened for both service providers at the same time. Logging onto Obitalk showed both services were registered/connected, and logging onto VOIP.MS showed the main SIP account was registered to my obi202. All looked well, and yet nothing was working. Rebooting, refreshing, re-registering from VOIP.MS, etc., did nothing to solve the problem.

In desperation, I deleted the google voice service via the Obitalk Dashboard and then added it afresh with the wizard, and only then did it  start working again. I then did the same thing with VOIP.MS and it too started working.

Needless to say i'm EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY unhappy to find my formerly rock solid obi202 is now completely flaky.

I absolutely HATE any piece of hardware that auto-updates by default. The potential for such instability is unacceptable in large industrial, commercial, and medical environments, but vendors seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to nuke SOHO consumers and businesses ...