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Obi 200 configuration to work with Cermetek Ch1840

Started by Achris, June 04, 2018, 12:23:02 PM

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I recently installed a phone interconnect that uses a Cermetek Ch1840.  I can place calls that go out, however,  incoming calls are not detected by my device.  Anyone use the ch1840 with the obi 200 successfully​? I have experimented with the ring frequency, tx gain and ring voltage within the setup of the obi. Still not working. Comments greatly appreciated.


I only dare ask the following questions because you do not seem to appreciate that the Tx gain on an OBi has no impact whatsoever on any aspect of an incoming call making a phone ring.  That suggests a limited knowledge of things OBi.

1.  Have you verified that the OBi does ring a phone if one is plugged in instead of the device with a CH1840?

2.  Have you verified that the changes you make to ring frequency and voltage are actually taking effect on the OBi200?


That is why I am inquiring here.  Yes I have tested with other devices. A fax machine/printer and a regular telephone with a answering machine, which work fine.  I did verify that the changes took effect, the status led on the obi changed​ and the regular telephone would not ring.