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New setup - Obi200 with - Shows my Caller ID for incoming calls

Started by ThaDraGun, August 09, 2021, 03:59:49 PM

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Trying to setup an Obi200 with
We can send and receive calls. A weird issue we are having tho... when someone calls it will show the callers phone number for callerID but it shows OUR name as the caller id. It doesnt matter who calls it always shows our name as caller id.

Any ideas?


Manage/edit your DID. Scroll down to "CallerID Name Prefix."
What do you have in that field? Anything?


thanks I see that now. Ooops, I have their name in there. I thought that was where you choose what you want your caller id to be. I see now thats not the spot for that. I will remove it.


Quote from: ThaDraGun on August 09, 2021, 04:33:01 PM
I thought that was where you choose what you want your caller id to be.

You would never configure an outbound caller id on the configuration page for a DID which is inbound only.

You have to go thru Support and pay a $10 fee for an outbound Caller ID Name.

Quote from: Voip.msCNAM is only available for some USA numbers. In order to update your Caller ID* on the CNAM database for your US calls, there is a process to follow which has a cost of $10 USD (one time only fee). Please contact the support staff to get further details on what information you need to submit and to confirm if your local US DID is available for a CNAM update.

CNAM update is only available for some Local US DIDs. Toll frees cannot have their Caller ID name updated.