Not able to hear the call receiver when I make outgoing calls using OBI110 and G

Started by Asangal, July 01, 2018, 06:08:54 AM

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Hello all,
I have a obi110 and use google voice on it for past three years. It has worked very well for me but since past few days, I am encountering a problem- when I make calls using my landline linked to obi110 and gv, I hear the ring going to the other party but when they pick up the phone, I don't hear them. They called back and we were able to hear two ways. They told me that they could hear me when I called them but I wasn't able to hear anything game they picked my call. This problem has been going on for past one week. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Google Voice on OB100 and OBi110 is no longer supported.  It is likely to soon stop working completely.


That's very similar to what I'm experiencing on both my 202 and 200.  So, it might not be specific to your hardware.  Are you by any chance in New York?  Or using Spectrum/Time-Warner?

I am surprised your 110 still has been working with GV.  My 100 stopped way back when.  But, if it worked last Wednesday, the fact it's no longer supported is obviously not the problem.  Something else is going on.


This is similar to what I'm experiencing now.
I have OBi200, with the latest firmware. I'm using OBi200 device for the first time (purchased a while ago but first time using it now).

Configured Google Voice on OBi device without any issues -
I can make and receive calls within USA, with no issues.
I can call international numbers, but can't hear the voice (note that I'm using correct format, ex: 011-91-phone number, for India calling). Btw, I have enough balance on my google voice account for international calling.

I read many topics in this forum, but none helped me to fix the issue.

Kindly provide any inputs you may have on this.


Same here as well.  Worked 4 weeks ago when at cottage last. Obi 200, latest firmware.  Tried all kinds of changes such as SIP ALG, DMZ, port forwards, changed router, nothing fixed the one way audio on outgoing calls. Incoming perfect. Help.


Quote from: krishsm on July 03, 2018, 10:58:49 PM
I can make and receive calls within USA, with no issues.
I can call international numbers, but can't hear the voice (note that

I use Circlenet for international calls. It will probably be cheaper for you than GV. Define Circlenet on SP2 then make the following configuration change using OBi Expert, so you won't need the **2 prefix.

Physical Interfaces -> Phone1 port ->
Add the following to the OutboundCallRoute:


I just read about the one way audio problem for the OBi1xx and FreePBX. The circumvention is to call your own GV number, enter 2 to make a new call and enter the number followed by a #. You also might be asked for a PIN. I know you have an OBI200, but it can't hurt to try.


New OBI200 user. Incoming calls work fine. Outgoing calls to other VOIP phones work fine. Outgoing calls to AT&T and Verizon, the recipient can hear me, I cannot hear them.   Modem is a BGW210-700. What are my options?


@TubeMan: I am in exactly the same boat, so while I don't have a solution it seems to be a general problem with the new GV/SIP infrastructure.

Are you also running firmware 3.2.2 (Build: 5897EX)?




Update: Yesterday, my box's firmware was updated automagically to 3.2.2 (Build: 5859EX). It's actually a "downdate" from 5897EX, the type you can't do yourself anymore because the firmware doesn't allow it. Anyway, since they changed the firmware, the problem has gone away so I seem to be able to call all numbers fine.


Same here, outgoing calls now fully functional.  I am not able to see the version number, so can only assume mine matches others now.


go into obiexpert, and look at the status page.  It'll have the version, or log in to the local web interface (the Obi's IP address), with id=admin, password=web password you set on the portal (I believe it defaults to admin) and look at the status page.


...or, pick up the OBi-attached phone, and key in ***0 then 1# to hear the firmware version read back to you.


I have a OBi508 and I have tried multiple factory resets, and device resets however I cannot hear any audio from outgoing caller.  In coming calls are working perfectly fine.  I am running software version 4.0.5 Build: 5872EX. I am having similar issue can anyone assist or has anyone found a solution.  Thanks Robert


After full factory reset, delete and add device the first outgoing call was successful in hearing the outgoing caller, after the first call all future outgoing calls are not heard by the caller.  All inbound calls are fine on both ends.  Does anyone have any answers?


Ive got the SAME Exact thing and I have 2 OBI508's Can not hear the other end after they answer the call.... all incomings seem to be fine.... Someone screwed up something somewhere... ;(


I don't know how to check this on a 508 or on Google Voice, but I'll pass this along in case it's a clue...

My Obi202 has GV on SP1, on SP2 and SP3, and Callcentric on SP4.  After I got everything put back together, I noticed that I could call SP3 and ring the phone, but then answering that phone would terminate the call (in the case of my setup, it somehow went straight to voicemail.  And outgoing didn't work too well, either.

The problem turned out to be the codec.  While G729 used to work fine, I had to change the setting to include G711u.  This is a change that was on the website, not on the ATA itself (and consequently not on Obi Expert either), and hadn't been touched in at least 2 years.  That is, I had set it to G729 when I set up that subaccount, it had always worked for over 2 years and then it didn't anymore with the new firmware.

So, some change in the current Obi2nn firmware caused this failure, at least with my SP3 on my 202.  Whether this change is duplicated on the 508 is another story.  I'm not sure this is a setting on Google Voice anywhere.  I've never seen it.  But maybe it's a selection on the 508 itself?  Or, if you're using a non-GV SIP carrier, check with them.  Make sure G711U is enabled.

So, that's my advice:  Rule out that it has anything to do with the codec.


Quote from: transam98 on July 12, 2018, 08:57:08 PM
Ive got the SAME Exact thing and I have 2 OBI508's Can not hear the other end after they answer the call.... all incomings seem to be fine.... Someone screwed up something somewhere... ;(

This has already been discussed in other threads.  ALL of the OBiTALK devices need new firmware to work properly with Google Voice.  There is new firmware for the 508's now in limited test with some users.  It will be released to all devices very soon.  If you contact Polycom, they may be willing to push it to your 508's now.