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Obi 202 started flashing Power LED alternating Red/Green

Started by brianSC, July 02, 2018, 08:36:02 PM

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Today our new router arrived and while setting it up, I turned off the power strip a couple times to reboot things.  So the new router is up and running now and wifi and ethernet ports all working, but the Obi 202 is now flashing the power LED when plugged in, alternating between red and green.  Up until that point all was well and we were using both phones connected to the Obi 202 without issue.  Does anyone have any idea what might have happened and why?  Looking at the setup sheet that came in the obi box, it says that the power LED flashing red (or orange) means that the unit is updating and to not turn off the power.  I was not paying attention to the obi as I was setting up the router.  Is it possible the obi decided to just update itself at the same time I was working on the router and I then buggered it by cutting power while it was updating itself? 

If anyone has any knowledge of these things and knows how to fix them, feel free to give advice.  Is it possible that these units just update themselves without warning? If so, I hope to be able to shut that feature off.