[SOLVED] Problem setting up OBI and GV

Started by jupiterstation, July 06, 2018, 07:07:39 AM

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What a mess. In an attempt to see if a new account works because of previous connection issues I deleted SP1's set up and also deleted the Google Chat set link on GV. Then I went to re-add it on OBI but there are no new links that reappeared on GV. I even created a new GV account and set it up also on SP1 after deleting the previous account there but again - there are no new links that show up there. My mistake that I didn't use the "change google credentials" link but deleted and added the new account. But now I can't dial out. Any help? Thanks.


As I mentioned in another post, this was resolved by the OBI team only a few hours after I sent a contact form to them. Thanks again!

A link to the other post: