incoming callers reporting 30 second delay before phone rings (google Voice)

Started by chief3202, August 30, 2011, 03:01:47 PM

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Hello everyone,

I have the obi110 connected into google voice.  When someone dials my number and attempts to call me, there is 30 seconds of silence before the call is connected and notified the incoming caller that my line is ringing.  I just start having this problem about 1 week ago and the firmware is up to date.  Any suggestions to help resolve this problem?  People think that there is a problem with my phone, or it was disconnected. I have no problems dialing out and have a dial tone. I reset my router and modem and the problem still exsist.



What the caller hears is determined at Goolge, not the Obi. Any delay in the call delivery would be a Google problem.


Thanks for the reply...  I am using a second number from google and I have no problems with people complaining about connection delays.  The primary number is the one that is malfunctioning, and delaying before the call connects to the obi110. People are calling my cellphone and telling me that there is a problem (30 seconds of silence) before a connection is made. This is my main home phone number and anyhelp is appreciated. I posted a this question for google and I have not received a reply yet. Is there a configuration change that I should make to my obi110 configurations?



I have never heard anyone say anything about any type of delay with google voice.

The Obi is just an extension of gmail's chat feature. I would take the Obi out of the configuration and see if a delay is still experienced when using gmail to answer the call.

If you do not have a forwarding phone on the google voice account, I would temporarily add one and check for the delivery delay to it.