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New OBi1032 question

Started by Machello, July 09, 2018, 07:48:21 AM

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I recently purchased and set up the Obi1032.   I have a few GV numbers that I setup with SP1, SP2 and SP3.  We have a couple Asterisk based PBX devices in a couple different offices and I was able to set up SP4 and SP5 as extensions for each of those offices.   I should probably reserve SP6 for a 911 server, but I also already have Anveo set up on an Obi200.  ( I think it is strange that I can't use the same Anveo E911 account on the 1032.) 

However, have another office that will soon be going to VoIP and I want to be able to use SP6 for that PBX.   Maybe I don't need to keep 3 GV numbers...

Here is the main point of my post and my question: 

If I can only have a combination of 6 GV or SIP connections, what is the point of having  "12-lines" on the 1032?   What are the uses of these "12 lines" as advertised.

I will also admit that I didn't see the fine print when deciding to purchase and when looking the Amazon main description, I thought the "12 lines" feature meant 12 SP.    I can get by with just the 6. 


You can define an additional 8 outbound only trunks on Voice Gateways.
You can route 911 calls to your OBi200's Anveo account.
Asterisk has the ability to route calls to an IP address, so your extension doesn't have to be registered.


Obitalk network, OBiLINE and OBiBT are 3 additional potential "lines".