My brand new obi200 worked for 10 minutes, then quit

Started by travisjforeman, July 09, 2018, 04:56:01 PM

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I was able to set everything up.

But then got a red/green flashing power light.

After that I was unable to make calls, hear a dial tone, factory reset, pretty much anything. Now all I get is flashing green/red light, and I have no success using the reset button.

what is the deal with this thing, is it worth trying something, or do I send it back to amazon.


You could spend a bunch of time here with us, trying to troubleshoot it, but my advice, since it is brand new, would be to send it back as defective and get a replacement.


The troubleshooting info on the FAQ contains this about flashing red/green:

"A unit with red/green alternate flashing means that there was a power loss in the midst of a firmware update of the OBi. It is possible to recover the OBi. Try power cycling the OBi, first. If the light is still alternating, you will need to reinstall your firmware."

It then contains a dead link.  Presumably, it was about how to do this.

Does anything happen when you connect a phone and dial "***"?

When you hold the reset button down, did you hold it until you got a fast-flashing green light?  It takes over 30 seconds.