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Obi100 and Google Voice. Any way to still use them together?

Started by 777funk, July 18, 2018, 07:21:00 PM

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Up until a few weeks ago, I was using a Raspberry Pi and FreePBX with my 110.  But then I could not hear audio.  So I picked up a newer 100 for 10 bucks, still didn't work.  Reinstalled FreePBX a bunch of times, kept getting 503 errors from GV.  Then I tried Incredible PBX, which also did not work.

So I DLed the nat firmware to the 100 and tried that tonight.  Now I get a 500 error from GV.  Supposedly there is a work around where you dial your GV number then press 2.  But that didn't seem to work for me.

Good news is, I am an expert at installing new software to my Pi and can even vi again (God help me).  Bad news is, I've tried everything except for that simmon gateway thing. 

Using that PBX was awesome, when it worked.  You could block numbers with a mask - like everybody from an area code, for instance.  Loved that thing.


And as usual with obi, it's an endless rabbit-hole that's now impossible to keep up with unless someone who has it proven to work is nice enough to actually write up some coherent directions that are consolidated.  As it is, by the time anyone gets even a handful of pages into that 1st thread for the Raspberry pi, they will surely ditch the effort.  I know it seems so cludgy to me I would have to error on the side of you being more the "lottery winner" if you actually have a semi-stable pi still talking to GV.  If you are, you REALLY should write up an actual step by step.

I stopped when I tried to figure out which repo was the one to use, which patches were relevant, etc. LOL but certainly would give it a try if I thought it was realistic it might work since I invested over the years into several obi110s that are now apparently paperweights and I can't even find a clear answer as to what to do with the multiple obi202s that have been sitting in the box never powered on for years - do I have something "golden" since unlike most, they have never been updated and should I NOT flash them, do I do the old-school "expert" config, or now with the XMPP death do I have to go back to just dumping them into the obi portal?

....Moral is.....for MANY of us, we got VERY content with our working Obi110s over the years, and now suddenly find ourselves having to re-learn obi-SIP from square one all over again.  I personally just thought that after almost a decade here, there would by now (even by OBI) be pinned sticky thread for each supported device, and the 1-2 pages on the "supported" method to set them up, and then perhaps the usual 100+ pages on all the "advanced" dial rules and routing etc.  Alas, still not there and does NOT make me that much more eager to rip that shiny new Obi202 out of the box and begin again! :)


Short answer = yes.
Longer answer = not directly.

I'm setting up ours to bring it back online in a few minutes...


Whatcha want?
OBI100s are dead for GV directly. Maybe even for use as a general SIP. I am trying to get SP2 on mine to connect with Anveo for E911 service, but not successful yet.
I do have SP1 working via OBITALK to my 200 for my GV # at my vacation home.
It was a struggle, and again don't try it on a weekend. It is intermittent at times and I can only fault the OBI network 'cause everything else is working. A call might go thru to one number and seconds later not to another or even not to the same number. One call had about a 15 sec voice delay going out and no delay coming in. That was weird. Then it was perfect.
Bottom line, a 200 can connect a 100 to GV using OBITALK and it does not have to be on the same network. A lot simpler and probably cheaper ($35-$50 depending on sales) than using other providers if you have a spare SP on the 200. Of course I am assuming OBI's network will settle down.


Our Obi110 is working perfectly.

All we did was to make use of the offer from Circlenet, added that DID as a forwarding number to GV - changed the CID at Circlenet to show the GV number, and all is as it was except for the teeny-weeny cost to keep it going.



You wrote:
> All we did was to make use of the offer from Circlenet, added that DID as a forwarding number to GV - changed
> the CID at Circlenet to show the GV number, and all is as it was except for the teeny-weeny cost to keep it going.

What is the offer from Circlenet?  I visited their site, and couldn't see what was relevant to this issue.  And when you say "teeny-weeny" cost, about how much are you talking about?



The link you gave doesn't work.  Do you have a current link?


Mikerios - I tried PMing you here, but it didn't work, so if you look here:
As well as at you'll ind BYODas well as sign-up links.

We've been with Sam for years & trust his services.
I stuck $20 in there which should cover a year & then some.