Obi200 incredibly flaky since May

Started by hamfastgamgee, August 04, 2018, 04:36:00 AM

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Ever since the new firmwares have started coming out, our Obi200 has been incredibly flaky.  First it just straight up failed for a couple of weeks, which was the first time we've had that happen on an Obi device.  Once I got the thing successfully rebooted, we had no incoming audio.  I ended up having to flash 5859EX onto it; no amount of tinkering on the non-Extras firmware had any positive results, and it seemed to stall even attempting to get firmware updates.  5859EX did get the calls working again for two-way audio.

Once I got 5859EX installed, it auto-updated to 5898EX.  Now, it does actually work for a few days at a time, but eventually it ends up offline.  The left and center lights will be on and the right Phone light will be off.  I can't connect to it by IP.  Pulling the plug usually gets things back working for a bit, although it seems to reapply a firmware update every time I do this, as it will come online for a minute or two and then start blinking red.  After the firmware update applies, we're good for a bit; I can hit the Obi by the IP and everything succeeds.  But then, a few days later, new email from admin@obiTALK that the device is offline, and we repeat.

Is anyone else seeing something similar?  This is extremely annoying at best.  Given that the device was rock solid until the new firmwares to deal with the Google changes started rolling out, I am inclined to think there are still issues there.

Any help anyone can provide would be most appreciated.