Anybody still use Vestalink,or are they gone?

Started by Angelc19, August 06, 2018, 01:11:55 PM

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Vestalink web site no longer seems to be functioning. There is no billing information on my account. I have tried contacting them by email and phone with no response. I am trying to port my numbers to Anveo but they want a copy of my latest invoice which is was on the website but no longer available.
Can my numbers be ported without an invoice or are my numbers lost?
Two of the three number still work for calls but the fax number seems gone.


I don't know about VestaLink but if the numbers are still ringing through to you they are portable and there isn't any technical reason another VOIP provider couldn't move them for you. I'd suggest reaching out to Anveo support ASAP and letting them know your situation.



Quote from: Angelc19 on August 06, 2018, 01:11:55 PM
Can my numbers be ported without an invoice or are my numbers lost?

Do you have any emails showing your relationship to the account?  If so, ask Anveo if they'll accept those as evidence.


I am in trouble.
Anveo is asking for my account number which has been my phone numbers as far as I know.
Vestalink has removed all billing and account information from their website.
No answer to phone calls and emails.
If they close completely what happens, is their goverment help ?
Can my Number still be ported?


Well I think you know Ryan Tilton's DJ address, right? Have you tried contacting him there?

Personally, I would take a hard look at porting to CircleNet (Sam_from_CircleNet). I'm pretty confident he would get the job done. If you're coming from Vestalink my guess is you'd be a whole lot more comfortable using CircleNet's web portal than trying to learn how to use Anveo's web portal and their call flows.


This is a reply I made back on 2/10/2018 about porting from Vestalink.

Sister in law just got her number ported from Vestalink to callcentric 4 days ago.  She had tried to have Comcast port the number out to them for several months and several tries with no luck.  After I tracked down the owner or ex owner? of Vestalink, i gave the info to her.  The telephone number did not work, but she did get through on the email address (his disc jockey email address).  He said he canceled the phone number. She emailed him a nice request and miracle upon miracles he responded, and she got her number ported out about 10 days later with Callcentric's help.

PS:  I don't think he ever gave account numbers, just used the telephone number and did not send out invoices.  Shady dude.


I tried, his DJ company facebook page listed phone got nothing.
Tried his listed email got no response. Tried phone number and email that was shown in this forum, no response.
I think you are correct the phone number is my account number.
Anveo seems very diffecult to deal with response time is way to long.
Does Circlenet have faxing? Has anybody had any experience with Circlenet?


Quote from: Angelc19 on August 13, 2018, 12:13:02 PM
Does Circlenet have faxing? Has anybody had any experience with Circlenet?

Not sure about the faxing, but don't think so.  I'd strongly recommend them, though.  Although I've only been with them a short while, I found them wonderful to deal with.  It's a very small company, but it's been around a few years, and I'm not sure if Sam is the whole thing, but it seems like he's everywhere!  (Very responsive, too!)  I got very personalized service, for which I'm grateful.  Wish I could get that everywhere.

Try contacting Sam at:  If anyone could get this done, I'd bet on him.  Their rates on calls and DIDs are easily among the best of the paid services, too.  Their public website is  They have a separate user portal, which is pretty basic, but does what it does pretty well.


I'm Sam and I own CircleNet and I'll try and answer your questions here.
We do support faxing Via T.38, if you have a stable internet connection without jitter/ packet loss it is stable it works well. If your faxing from your device now with VestaLink it should work with us to.

If your talking about a web based faxing service or a fax2email service that we don't offer.

I would be willing to try and port your number to our service free of charge. I can't promise we can get it but if we can't your not out anything.

If I am successful and you  like are service you can stay, if not you can port over to Anveo or another provider of your choice..

BTW I'm not all of CircleNet but I'm 50%, the better half is my wife Angela who's much more of an introvert than I.



I got a reply from and I quote

"Sorry for the delay:
You just need to find another provider and have them port the numbers over.  We approve all outbound porting requests.  Thank you! "

I think I made a mistake by signing up with ANVEO.


I ported my number from Vestalink to Anveo about a year ago and have been very happy with the service. I got tired of Vestalink's lack of support and communication. Also, the price kept increasing and that pissed me off as well. Anveo has been great.


They still exist. I've been using them without problems for like 5 years and I just renewed for another 2 years for $120 total.
Link to login:


I was happy with Vestalinks' service until the last several months.
Tried to Google Vestalink but no real up to date information.

I could login OK, but no billing information and my fax number, (it was only used maybe 6 to 10 times a year). was gone and an extra 1000 minutes gone, which I probably would never use.

I am glad and appreciate that I able to save my numbers because he is allowing all porting requests.

I was able to port 1 family number to Anveo, with much back and forth took about a week or so. Will try my last two.