"The number you dialed has not received a response from the service provider"??

Started by Pedro675, June 11, 2021, 11:29:31 AM

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Did a Goggle search but found nothing useful.

Our phone is basically dead, cannot receive incoming except for the caller to leave voice message. No outgoing calls and the above message. We have a dial tone. This has happened before but usually fixed with "unplug OBi device, reconnect OBi device". Just changed Goggle password, but can't see how that matters?

Can anyone help I am stumped. Please answer with known solutions, not guesses as I found on all Goggle search for same issue.



I am having the same exact problem.  This happened frequently in the past for me as well, but never for this length of time.  I also see a Token Error when I look at the status on my OBI 200 device.  My belief is that there has been some sort of update and they haven't fixed the kinks yet.  I am going to try to reinstall and see if that fixes the issue.