OBi with GV works, but landline phone does not ring

Started by Atgard, September 08, 2011, 09:48:42 AM

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Hi everyone ... I'm having a strange issue. I've used my OBi 100 great with GV for months. I made NO changes to anything, and all of a sudden, incoming calls don't ring my landline. What's weird is, the landline phone will light up, even show the caller ID, and I can answer it normally (if I happen to see it!). It also properly forwards to my cell phone (so I can hear that ringing, then pick up the landline). Outgoing calls seem to work fine.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Like I said, I didn't change any settings when this happened. AFTER it happened, I tried updating to the new firmware, resetting the OBi, resetting my router, etc. No dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you saying you can make outgoing calls though your landline using the OBi by dialing **8 + number, but incoming calls on your landline don't ring the OBi phone?


Hi Ron, first of all, thank you for the response...

Maybe I should have been more clear -- I canceled my home phone service, and have a landline phone plugged directly into the OBi. I can make outgoing calls with it by just dialing 1 + the number.

Incoming calls to my GV number (which used to ring my landline phone) were no longer ringing it. BUT the call WAS coming through, the landline phone would light up, show the caller ID number, and I could answer the phone -- the phone just would not ring. (Same thing happened when I plugged in a different landline phone.)

I say "were" because, although this problem has persisted all yesterday and so far today, about 5 minutes ago, the landline phone started ringing again. I again didn't make any changes, the only thing I did at the time was log into Gmail on my computer (but didn't change any settings).

Very odd. I hope it stays working, but I'm afraid it's some weird intermittent problem beyond my ability to troubleshoot.


It would be clearer if you described your telephone as 'the phone connected to the OBi's PHONE Port' instead of the 'landline' phone, which implies it's connected to a landline.

If the problem returns, try connecting a different telephone to the OBi's PHONE Port.  If you have a splitter, you can connect a second telephone instead of replacing your existing telephone.  The problem could be the ringer in your telephone is faulty, or if it's not the telephone, it could be the OBi is failing to generate ring voltage.


Yup, I should have been more clear. Sorry about that.

As I said, I already did try plugging in a different phone to the OBi's PHONE port just in case it was a faulty ringer, but the new phone didn't ring either.

Since calls were coming through (incoming and outgoing) fine, it seemed like it might be a voltage problem. (It might also explain why it stopped then started working with no changes in settings on my end.) Hopefully I don't have an intermittently bad power supply or OBi unit.


The OBi does offer some Ringer option settings:

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> RingFrequency
Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> RingVoltage
Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> RingWaveform

You might try experimenting with these settings to see if you can find a combination that your phones are happier with.


Hi - I am new to OBi and planning to use GV and port my POTS phone number. I am replying because I am a heavy GV user at work and today GV seemed to go a little crazy. I had problems placing calls and some calls did not ring in correctly. It seemed to clear up in the afternoon EDT.

I am not sure this explains your "landline" phone behavior, but I'm betting it is the same as my problems today.


I am also facing the same problem with GV, my phone rings but when i answer the call i can't hear the other person and neither can the other person hear me. I tried calling from my cellphone to the obi connected phone and  i could still hear the ring on cellphone when the obi phone was picked up.