Possible 5921 issue?

Started by ProfTech, October 03, 2018, 12:14:43 PM

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I'm not sure yet if our Obi 200 has been updated or not. Used to be the "Status" pages of the portal would show if a call was in progress and other information. The status pages won't come up yet the front page shows registered, etc. So wondering if the phone is in use. Will have to wait to see.


Pretty sure it's the messed up OBi Portal and not the firmware version that's the problem.

I'm getting the same experience on 2 OBi 200s still running 3.2.2 (Build: 5859EX) and an OBi202 running 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX).


I have SoftwareVersion 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX) and I don't have any issue with the System Status page by logging locally into my unit via LAN using any type browser. I'm on Windows 10 newest pre-release version. This is not a problem with the FW. This has shown up for years using Windows IE or Edge, java issue. If you really want to ensure that you do not have any problems using a web browser, then use GOOGLE CHROME. That's what Obihai uses and that's what their interface was designed for. Give it a shot.


Oh yes, the Call Status page will only actually show a call that has successfully completed to your unit. Any call that fails by not getting to your unit will not show in the Call Status page. As long as you have not redirected the call via your VoIP network provider, like blocking anonymous calls or routing them to VM, or forwarding calls to VM or routing calls to VM upon system failure, then your VoIP provider will then forward your call to your Obi unit and you will see a incoming call in your Call Status web page. Without the VoIP provider routing the call to an active account with active SIP credentials, your Obi, the call will die within the network.


To Taoman. I'm sure you are correct. The status screens are working now. The Obi still shows 5898 so I guess they aren't pushing 5921 out. I was looking at this particular 200 because some time after they pushed 5898 I noticed that dns_srv doesn't seem to be working. Calls are still working but the unit no longer registers on the port that should be in dns_srv. My other 2 100 series are working fine and another 200 that wasn't updated by Polycom. This 200 was working before. It could be scrambled firmware from the last push by Polycom. I had another 200 that absolutely would not work until I reset it to factory default and rebuilt the configuration. Since this unit is working I'm going to leave well enough alone until I am on site. Then I plan on removing it from the portal and factory defaulting it then add it back to the portal to see what happens.


My OBI200 shows 3.2.2 (Build: 5898EX) and my OBi202 shows 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX). 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX) was pushed to my OBi202 and not to my OBi200.

On my OBi200, I was able to configure Google Voice on it, but when I tried to do that on my OBi202 it was configuring... for a while and settled on "Service Not Configured".
I still can't get GV on my OBi202.
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To N7AS: I have a BYOD Obi202, 3.2.2 (Build: 5921EX). SP1 uses PhonePower, SP2 - 4 use GV. All three GV status show Connected and work perfectly, sometimes better than PhonePower in terms of SP stats.