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Making calls between Obi110 and Obi100

Started by 177pvk, October 21, 2018, 09:00:24 PM

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Today as of October 21, 2018, I am just wondering if I can use Obi100 to call Obi110 only dial the number that listed at the bottom of each device?

The 2 devices are physically in 2 different countries. My goal is to use Obi100 to call Obi110 and use Obi110 to connect the PSTN so that I can use it to make local call at the Obi110.

Do I have to setup anything or just plug the 2 devices into the routers and they automatically work.

Thank you very much for those that beam me some light before I start to conduct further research.


Use OBi Expert to make the following changes:


Voice Services -> OBiTalk Service -> InboundCallRoute: li


Physical Interfaces -> Phone Port -> OutboundCallRoute:

Replace 200111111 with OBi number of the OBi110

The above assumes routing calls to PSTN is the only function these boxes will support.


Thank azrobert for your reply.

When you said Obi Expert do you mean the option on or on the physical device after logging in?

Would the Obi110 be able to call Obi100 using the 200xxxxxx number?

My knowledge is limited on this subject. My goal is to have Obi100 calling Obi110 and then connect to PSTN to call Obi110's local numbers, saving money on international charges. If your instruction works then it would save me from buying Obi220, otherwise I have to buy the Obi220 right a way because time is running out for me, I am leaving the US next week. Currently I only have access to the Obi100 to tinker with.

Anyway, your input is highly appreciated.

Take care.


OBi Expert is a function on the OBiTalk portal. At the end of this post are instructions how to use OBi Expert.

The OBi100 and OBi110 will work. You don't need any additional hardware.

Using the configuration I suggested this is what happens:
You dial a number on the OBi100
The number is routed over the OBiTalk network to the OBi110
The OBi110 will automatically route that number to PSTN

If you want to call the OBi110, you send its 9 digit OBi number to the OBiTalk network.
To route a number you send the OBi number followed by an asterisk and the outbound number like this: 200111111*8005551212

This is the rule I suggested for the Phone port outbound route:

PP designates the OBiTalk network
If the dialed number matches the above rule, :pp will route the call to the OBiTalk network.
xx. will match 1 or more digits
<200111111*> will prefix the dialed number with 200111111*
If you dial 8005551212, it matches xx. and will be prefixed with 200111111* then sent to the OBiTalk network
8005551212 will be sent to the OBi110 and its inbound route will get control
I suggested changing the OBi110 inbound route to: li
This will send 8005551212 to the Line port and then to PSTN

Depending on the number dialed, it might be delayed up to 10 seconds. If there is a 10 second delay, you can dial a # after the number or we can make additional config changes to eliminate the delay.

To enter OBi Expert from the Dashboard click on the gear ICON to the right of your OBixxx then select OBi Expert Config, confirm and then select Enter OBi Expert.
To navigate click on the titles with the + then click on a sub-title.
An example: click on Physical Interfaces then click Phone Port.
To make a change BOTH boxes to the right of the value must be unchecked.
When all changes are complete on this page, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
OBiTalk will download the configuration changes to the OBi and reboot it.
Wait until this process is complete before continuing to make another change on a different page.


First off thank you very much for your speedy response, it serves me well in this time sensitive moment.

My utmost concern comes from the End-of-Life warning for Obi100 and Obi110. I am affraid that will not allow these devices to make use of the Obitalk network. However, my intuition tells me that it may work as long as Obitalk network still exists. Most of the people buying these devices mainly use it with the Google Voice (myself included). I was able to flash my Obi110 to make it work with Google Voice 3 months ago AFTER the End-of-Life announcement from Obitalk. Unfortunately, that success was a short live. I am no longer able of making the Obi110 to work with Google Voice.

I am fascinated by your lecture. It revives my hope and encourages me to move on with my never-ending quest for knowledge. I am getting old but not my will. Where do you think I can I go on to learn about stuff like this? I can deal with little bit and piece of info here and there on the forums, however, a formal lecture always be the best.

As soon as tomorrow arrives I will definitely tinker with the Obi100 that I am having at hand. Will dissect your lecture word by word to see what I can do about it because it sounds foreign to me. The sad part is that I don't have access to my Obi110 because I am not at home right now.

At any rate, I genuinely appreciate your help/lecture. Still don't know how I will fair along the way. Will report back soon as any success arrives. Good day.

P.S. I managed to enter the Obi Expert. Have not done anything because they all look foreign to me. Will see of what I can do


I have just updated my Obi100 firmaware to version 1-3-0-2886 naf7.
With the new firmaware Obi is now connceted to my google voice again!

However, it will not ring incoming calls, nor complete outgoing calls.

Is there any setting I need to adjust to get it going?


Quote from: rodhro on July 22, 2019, 07:03:50 PM
I have just updated my Obi100 firmaware to version 1-3-0-2886 naf7.
With the new firmaware Obi is now connceted to my google voice again!

However, it will not ring incoming calls, nor complete outgoing calls.

Is there any setting I need to adjust to get it going?
Your post has no relevance to this thread.

You cannot expect to get support for unofficial firmwares here.Go back to where you got that firmware.