Why upgrade when my Obi100 is useless now?

Started by dpalmacci, October 22, 2018, 01:31:25 PM

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I bought an Obi100 years ago and used it often with my Google number. Then one day I get an email from Obihai saying it is no longer supported..... pretty upset I tossed it in the drawer and just used a headset for Google calls. That was a few years ago, I am contemplating purchasing another Obihai VoIP device but I'm very skeptical. I have this useless Obi100 in my hand right now that I paid for, what is to ensure me if I buy the latest Obi200 or whatever it too won't be unsupported in say 2 or 3 years? Can I get some kind of credit at least or discount? I still have the email receipt, I loved the product but was very upset at the fact one day it was no longer supported  :-\


Many folks are still using their 'dead' Obi1xx boxes - we are among that group.
That box is making use of our GV line, via one of the several methods that have been posted here over time.
This is not difficult to accomplish.
We also have an Obi2xx box that was bought before the 'EOL' thing happened.
It is important to remember that even without the Obihai to GV connection, these boxes are still ATAs & useful as such.

Best Wishes.


I have an older HP Laser Jet printer, It doesn't work with windows 10. (no drivers)
It will work with various Linux flavors.
It would be great if companies would update drivers forever, but they don't

You paid a modest amount for something that worked for years.  Haven't you received a lot of value from your purchase? As mentioned before, Obi 100's still work fine with most every other voip provider except for GV.

And for those who say F**k it I'm throwing this in the trash, please give to someone who will use it or last choice: send to electronics recycling (not the trash).


No not trash if it still works. For Google voice you will need an updated OBI2xx. After that you can set incoming GV calls to pass through the OBI2xx and ring the OBI2xx and the OBI100 phones. It can also be setup for different SIP providers.


Get an account at PBXes.org.  Configure your GV number as a trunk. Connect your OBi1x0 as an extension.



Quote from: azrobert on October 27, 2018, 09:26:23 AM

For an extra $20 I would wait for the OBi200 to go on sale again.

OBi200 currently on sale for $40 at Newegg using promo code EMCEPRS45.


Seems PBXes had a great plan like some other companies (ahem) & purged inactive accounts in enough time to beat the GV starting deadline, thereby forcing prior users to pay them.
I had 2 formerly well used accounts there from back when free acually meant 100% free.
Both went poof without any warning.

No way will I pay them to get another 'free' account.

It'd be great if they had a promo which waived the setup fee, but it seems very doubtful that is likely to come around.


Quote from: vtsnaab on October 27, 2018, 04:18:42 PM
I had 2 formerly well used accounts there from back when free acually meant 100% free.
Both went poof without any warning.

PBXes had a strict policy of only 1 free account per person. I don't know how they determined how many accounts a person has, maybe by IP address. Anyway, having 2 free accounts is probably why they went poof. PBXes now allows multiple "Free" $15 accounts.


Hi Azrobert.
My 1st/older account was closed by me.
At a later date I opened a replacement account.
When GV stuff went goofy I checked the newer one - gone, so I checked the older as well.
I'm not big on trusting companies that tweak around with the word 'free';
In my lexicon it means 100% free - not partially free, and:
What's to say they don't change things again to suit themselves, anytime at all.

If I'm going to pay for services, I'd rather pay someone who is definitely honest, like Sam.


I've had a free PBXes account for years.  It's still there and working. YMMV.