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Forum: "Couldn't get mail server response codes" error when posting a message

Started by vadr, November 01, 2018, 07:30:41 AM

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When posting a message on this forum, after I hit "Post", I see an empty page with the text "Couldn't get mail server response codes". It looks like the message is still posted.


Been like that for months.  No-one at Obihai/Polycom has the competence/willingness/enthusiasm/duty/key to server room/admin password/authority or whatever to fix it.

The same malaise affects the ongoing inability to add attachments to posts.


The bottom line on this page shows

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while the current version is 2.0.15 . So maybe updating the software at least once in a decade could be added to the list of possibilities...

That said, when software solution is being sold to another company, it's usually not good news.


Posting messages on the forum and attaching files to a post should work fine now. Thank you for your patience!  :)

-OBi Support