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Grasshopper Voice Forwarding Broken!!!

Started by Danielwhite1, November 28, 2019, 05:23:58 AM

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I've been using two Obi200 series VOIP adapters with Google Voice for several years.  The adapters receive calls from GrassHopper through Google Voice.  This has been working great for a few years.

On Friday, March 16, 2018 approximately 3 PM CST, we noticed that the calls were not being forwarded correctly.  We thought it might be a Grasshopper system issue.

Today on 03/19/18, we are still having this problem.  We debugged this with Grasshopper, and their system is forwarding calls correctly to cell phones and copper lines.  The Obis can make and receive calls to cell phones and copper lines.

But here is the kicker: when Google Voice forwards a call from Grasshopper, it calls my cellphone and it calls the Obi box.  If I pick up the phone with the Obi box, the forward call can't be picked up.  If I pick up the phone with my cell phone, the call comes through. So that means from Grasshopper to Google Voice there is not a problem.  The problem appears to be the Obi box & Google Voice in some very odd way.

This problem is happening on both Obi boxes (which are working normally, but except for this use case), so I think it may be a software change on the Obi boxes which are causing this problem with Google Voice & Grasshopper.

Was there a firmware update or change around this time period?

How could I load an older version of the firmware to test this?


Quote from: Danielwhite1 on November 28, 2019, 05:23:58 AM
Today on 03/19/18 ....
As the day Danielwhite1 posted is not 3/19/18 and that date cannot be obtained by a simple typo of 11/28/19, the first assumption must be that this is spam.