2 Voip lines does it work with duel connector

Started by robbyha, December 17, 2018, 04:25:17 PM

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I have a VOIP line with ATT and it is connected to my home phone.
I have a dual connector phone line with the ATT plugged in. Can I plug theOBiTalk phone line in the other port? Will this work and if not what would I need to make it work. I am a little afraid to just try it because something my blow up.lol :D


Holy shit, no.

An OBiTALK device has a female phone jack on the back.  Do NOT plug a cord into this jack that is connected to the same house wiring as your ATT&T phone.  You will destroy the OBiTALK device.

Use the OBiTALK device with its own telephone plugged in.


I have unplugged the ATT phone line and plugged in the OBitalk line and it works. I just have not plugged them both in together.  I may at some point transfer my att voip phone but I get a $40 discount on my directv which is what the att voip cost. So the att voip is mostly free.