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Call routing feature requests

Started by david2, December 18, 2018, 02:39:12 PM

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I'd like to see the following features added to the OBi 20x firmware:

1. The ability to automatically hang up/disconnect an incoming call. A new routing rule called 'DC' (Disconnect) could be added and could be used
under: Voice Services -> SPx Service -> X_InboundCallRoute:


X_InboundCallRoute: {DC}

Even better would be an optional parameter that allows the user to specify the number of rings to disconnect a call after.

2. The ability to "busy out" a line. Just like the previous feature request, a new routing rule called 'BUSY' could be added and be used like this: X_InboundCallRoute: {BUSY}

So anyone who calls the phone number associated with the SP configured with the 'BUSY' rule will get a non-supervising busy signal/response.

3. I'm not sure if this one is possible on the OBi device side of things, but I'd like to be able forward incoming calls to numbers that don't necessarily supervise. Right now you can only forward calls to numbers that would actually incur a charge (supe). So, if you try to forward an incoming call to a number that is not in service or disconnected (these don't usually supe), the calling party will never hear that message because the call never actually gets forwarded.