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Calls drop after ~ 3 minutes (not all)

Started by emachac, February 13, 2011, 02:41:54 PM

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Calls drop after ~ 3 minutes (but not all) - have had this problem since day one with the OBI.

The Obi unit is up to the latest OS upgrade - it's connected to an Apple Airport Extreme - tried Google Voice and Sipgate..... both show the same problem.

(also - Google Voice seems to always have call screening on.... but it's turned off in the GV setting).

I was using a Cisco PAP2T with Sipgate and didn't have the dropped call problems....

Any thoughts?


I had a problem with dropped calls around the minute mark also. It was something in my router. Since I had a new router that I wanted to install anyways I just made the switch and the problem went away.

as for the call screening that is part of Google Chat, not the same as the one in GV. See step 8 in this setup process to turn off the call screening.


@jimates - thank you.... I will make the step 8 change (so much for trying to stick with the OBITalk interface :-)  )

I wish I had a spare router to try out ....


OBiHai will be adding new features to the Dashboard and elsewhere I suggested that the "X_SkipCallScreening" setting be one of the first as most people coming to the OBi are looking to set up GV and this is a common question.