Obi 200 no longer connecting

Started by boleg, January 14, 2019, 01:20:28 PM

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My Obi 200 went offline. It had been working for several months. I'm using GV. I have it connected by ethernet cable to a Netgear wifi extender. The extender is working and have connected it to other devices which work. I've deleted the obi200 on my obitalk dashboard and am trying to add it again but it failed. Don't know why. Any help would be appreciated.


Dial the echo test number **9 222 222 222.  Do you reach the automated reply "Welcome to Obitalk and ..."?


Yeah I tried that. It didn't go through. I contacted Obi support and they sent me a email back that my "Google Voice account * status is "Connected".  You should be able to make calls in/out now." They must have to do something on their end.
Now it works in that I can make calls but received calls go to voicemail.