Bitrix24 CRM dials w/ +1, LAN removing +1?

Started by tstmerchant, January 24, 2019, 07:32:33 AM

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We use Bitrix24 CRM, inside of CRM you can call leads directly by just clicking on their phone number icon. I have it setup so when you click the lead phone icon, itll start ringing on the monitor and on the Obihai1032 LAN, you then choose accept or reject. However on the monitor itd say +1 (area code)... However on the Obihai it removed the +1, therefore it disconnects half way through the ring.

We are purchasing the number from Bitrix, I have also played with DigitMaps, however it keeps Removing the +1. Any ideas to try?


any help at all would help. please give me anything to try. its holding up my sales guy.