Where to get latest firmware for Obi 1022? (As of 2019)

Started by victorhooi, January 31, 2019, 11:19:40 AM

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I went to this sticky post:


and it mentions a 5-0-0-3497 release from June 2016.

Then I saw this sticky post:


and the latest post is from 2015.

However, this post:


talks about 5.1.10, 5.1.7 etc.?

However, if I go to the actual link:


the latest release is 5.0.8 from October 2017?

I'm super confused =(. Where should I be going to get the latest firmware?


Welcome to the super confused club.

I don't recall where I got it, but my Obi 1062 is currently running 5.1.11 (Build: 4858EX.1311).
The firmware file itself is labeled: OBiPhone-5-1-11-4858EX-198839.fw

It's the highest number for the OBiPhone 10xx series that I've seen, and as I mentioned, I have no idea where I got it, but it appears I downloaded it on July 12th of last year...

EDIT: Now I know where I got the new firmware. It was from another thread here (just a few messages below this one). Here's the link to download the firmware:

Quote from: Dan-Voip on July 06, 2018, 08:39:03 AM

Version 5.1.11 (Build: 4858EX.1311) is available at http://fw.obihai.com/OBiPhone-5-1-11-4858EX-198839.fw