Polycom’s VVX x50 line now available with Polycom Obi Software! ????

Started by RFC3261, February 12, 2019, 06:25:33 PM

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Fact free zone & Rumor/Conjecture follows!!!!!!

I note that Polycom is now advertising "Polycom's VVX x50 line now available with Polycom Obi Software!".  It does not appear the GV is currently in the feature set, but has anyone heard of any rumors (and is allowed to share) that that feature is part of the VVX x50 roadmap?  And is this the beginning of the middle for the Obi1xxx Obi2xxx line?


Yes, I do know about it, and no, I can't disclose full details yet.  I was beta testing it, but I am not clear on the current status (whether or not it will be available to retail consumers, or just to Polycom's channel partners (VARs) or enterprise customers).

If/when I learn more, I'll post.  As usual, any conjecture/inferences/speculations about the overall product line at this point are meaningless.