How to renew Anveo Obitalk special account - RESOLVED

Started by rwcomcast, February 11, 2019, 04:45:14 AM

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Does anyone know how the Anveo Obitalk special renewal works?  It looks like I can pay them again via PayPal, but I would like to use the balance in my Anveo account instead.  Unfortunately, when I check out, under the Pay from Anveo pre-paid account option it says "This option is not available".

I had a balance in my account, so I added more funds so that I could have enough to cover the renewal.  If I don't do anything, will those funds be used to auto-renew my account?  I can't find anything that says that and I don't want to risk loosing the number that I ported there.

I realize this is primarily an Anveo issue and I will open a ticket there if necessary, but I am hoping someone here will know there answer since it appears the only way I can get an answer from them is to open a ticket that will cost me $5.  Plus, hopefully my post here will help others avoid or sort out similar issues in the future.  

As far as I can tell right now, the correct way to handle the renewal is to just use the link and send a new payment via PayPal.  I think when I signed up it was just the opposite - I had to fund my account first and then the service I signed up for was debited from my Anveo account balance.  That is how I ended up with extra funds in my account (because I could only add funds in certain increments).


Anveo's renewal procedure does not seem to be documented well, but in my experience, about 1 week prior to the renewal date, Anveo sends out an email with the subject "Anveo service renewal reminder" and the link  If sufficient funds are in the account, the subscription will auto-renew.

In the past, I have had some luck in sending this kind of question to and usually I will get a response after a few such emails. I do not see an 'auto renew' checkbox in my Anveo dashboard, but it may just be well-hidden. 

Good luck.


I use Anveo and there Tech support is not a fake tech support like Obihia. Open a support ticket and they can do anything you need over night or quicker. I have found them to be very supportive and able to work through a lot.


Thanks for the replies.  I am going to try the sales address and if I don't receive a response by tomorrow morning, I will open a ticket.  I will post back when I get it sorted out.

FYI, I did receive the reminder email and the link, but it gives me the not available message when I try to use my account balance to pay for it - same as with the renew link in my account.


I emailed, but did not receive a response so I opened a support ticket this morning.  They got back to me in less than an hour and told me that I don't have to do anything, it will renew automatically as long as I have sufficient funds in my account.  They even refunded me the $5 charge for the support ticket - kudos to them for that.

So, for anyone coming up on renewal...  If you don't have funds in your Anveo account that you want to use up, simply use the renewal link in the email or in the account dashboard and pay via PayPal.  If you have a balance in your account that you want to use up, you should top it off  a couple of days in advance if necessary - so that you have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of the renewal.  It takes most of a day for funds to be credited to your account.  Then, as long as you have sufficient funds, your account should automatically renew.  I will certainly post again if that is not the case for me.


I seem to remember it working like that when i was with Anveo. I didn't comment because I wasn't 100% sure.

I usually would keep an extra $5 in the account for unforeseen little charges. When I closed the account with them, they refunded fairly quickly to my Paypal account.


One point of criticism which is not really fair of me but Anveo has obviously given Obihia permission to represent them as a preferred provider. Yet they seem to have limited knowledge of what Obihia is doing. This becomes difficult when Obihia tech support is nonexistent.


Another reason to maintain a positive balance in your Anveo account is CNAM lookup which can include non-Anveo SIPs in your Obi config.  Anveo CNAM lookup is not enabled by default and there is a $0.009 charge for each lookup. (*)

Anveo CNAM can be enabled at Click the EDIT button, select CallerID Tab and enable CNAM lookup.

(*) However, ObiMike reports that "if you enter caller numbers and names into your Anveo address book, it will present those names when those numbers ring through, without CNAME enabled.  Just as CallCentric does, and probably others."  I have not tried this.