Would like To Purchase an Obihai Device but have a few questions first

Started by Leodgr8md, March 01, 2019, 05:33:07 PM

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Hi I recently ported my landline to Google Voice and after a few issues everything is working perfectly with my ported number.

Now the next step was for me was to buy Cordless or Corded phones and by an obihai Device to connect them too. Below are the questions I have though.

1.I noticed that Obihai merged with several companies since the last time I was researching the Obihai Products are the Obihai products still going to be around or are they in danger of being discontined?

2.If I buy a Cordless handset phone system will it it work with an obi202 or an Obihai 508vs Device and Google Voice?

3.The reason I bring up an obihai 508vs is because If I would like to buy in the future 8 Corded home phones and put one in each room will I have an issue?

4.Will Business VOIP phones work with an Obihai Device?

5.I heard about the Obihai Devices but was not ready to purchase one until now I have seen them at Bestbuy through the website but they are now sold out does bestbuy not carry them anymore?

On the obihai Website it only mentions amazon but rather purchase the phones and the adapter through one store/website.


Hi, and welcome to OBiLand.

Obihai Technology was bought by Polycom, which was then bought by Plantronics.  The three companies separately made/make complementary equipment, and together, they can offer complete solutions to business clients and resellers.  The OBiTALK Analog Telephone Adapters (OBi 200 and 500 series) and the OBiTALK IP phones (2000 series) will continue to be sold via retail channels (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo...).   These devices will continue to support Google Voice and other SIP ITSPs.  The Polycom-heritage IP phones will continue to be sold to distributors/VARs/integrators and to large enterprise customers, and will not support the consumer version of Google Voice.

So:  I wouldn't worry about it.  Of course, the usual disclaimer applies:  the marketplace is always changing, and there is no guarantee of future support.

An OBi 200 or 202 are ATAs that support one or two ordinary analog telephones with RJ-11 phone jacks.  Any typical residential corded or cordless phone should work (of course, we are talking about TouchTone phones, not rotary dial phones).  Many users simply plug one DECT 6.0 cordless phone base station into the OBi device, and then scatter cordless handsets around the premises.

The OBi 508 is not necessary for your use case.  You can either use cordless handsets per above, or you can connect the OBiTALK device's phone jack to your premises telephone wiring, and then plug in corded phones to phone jacks in various rooms.  However, you absolutely must first physically disconnect the wires from the telephone company that were/are still connected to your building, even if you no longer subscribe to their service, or else you risk frying the OBi.


No, the OBi ATAs are ANALOG telephone adapters.  You plug ordinary analog telephones into them.  IP phones do not plug into OBi devices.  They are all digital (VoIP) up to the point that the signals are converted to analog sound for the phone's mic and speaker/handset.

If you want IP phones that work with Google Voice, then by the OBi 2182 phones.