Connect Failed: No Response (as of today 3/9) Across MULTIPLE OBI 508's

Started by transam98, March 09, 2019, 05:06:40 PM

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I guess my Google Foo is not as good as I thought.

I don't see any reference to Google Voice for Business or Enterprise.

I know things break, and it's not in Polycom's best interest
to say, "yeah Google made another change that broke our integration", but
they could certainly offer more legit support. When I contacted obi support, they
told me to contact google forums. When I contacted Google forums, I was told
to contact Obihai. I contacted Obihai with this new information and was then
directed to this thread. I don't know why I thought there may be a solution here :)

I'm curios as others have asked... has anyone moved their GV account
to an Obi200? What is the result?


they like to pass the buck to someone else, it isnt google, they secured their asset and probably didnt share what they did with obi/poly... even knowing they are so called "partners"

Them sending you to the thread is no help... its the same... 508's DO NOT WORK WITH GOOGLE VOICE... simple LOL ;( ??? ??? ???


I have an Obi 504.  I was able to get all four of my phone lines to work with an Obi202.  The 50x series failure to connect with Google voice accounts is related to the device itself.  Hopefully we'll get a firmware update that will restore 50x functionality.  Until then I recommend everyone cease troubleshooting until there is a firmware update.


Quote from: MalibuKen on March 23, 2019, 07:54:55 AM
I have an Obi 504.  I was able to get all four of my phone lines to work with an Obi202.  The 50x series failure to connect with Google voice accounts is related to the device itself.  Hopefully we'll get a firmware update that will restore 50x functionality.  Until then I recommend everyone cease troubleshooting until there is a firmware update.

I agree with you.  The trick is to get polycom to keep us advised on this issue.  Polycom has not, as of yet, issued a official statement saying that they are working on the problem or if they ever will. 


I also agree, even at that they did push 1 update that didnt do anything although it was claimed to fix the problem, it didnt......


It has been Three weeks has anyone fixed their OBI 508 yet?  I am still having connection issues, no IN or OUT going calls. 


Nope its looking apparent that they dont care, I may start contacting attorneys on a class action lawsuit !


I just received an email from Obi support.  This is a Polycom (Poly) company who owns Plantronics:

Hi Lou,

We apologized for the slow response.

This OBi5xx series OBi508 unit model that you have is experiencing issues with basic Google Voice service account (for example, GV account ending + Phone Numbers).  Your regular Google Voice service account ( + Phone Number) is free, meaning there are no monthly or yearly charges to deal with and all the calls (in/out) within the US and Canada are free.  But now those regular Google Voice service accounts (again, for this OBi508 unit model (and OBi504) is NOT recommended, NOT suggested for this type of usage, as you are currently experiencing. 

In addition, consider using Google Voice service for G Suite (design for businesses) with your OBi508 device instead:

Further, we have verified your use of multiple Callcentric accounts (SP4 to SP8) with your OBi508 unit xxx xxx xxx and so we suggest that you continue usage of paid commercial SIP VoIP Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) Callcentric.

Please reach out to Callcentric service (or any other VoIP Service Provider) for more controls of functions/features, such as CNAM (Caller ID Name and Number), set up as many extensions per your need, for simultaneous ringing or a hunt group, set up an IVR, etc.  And Auto-Attendant.

(But if you have further questions or concerns about your regular Google Voice account, please contact Google Voice (help forum).

And we have refunded your Extended Support purchase.  Please allow 5 to 7 business days to complete.

Best regards,
Obi support at Polycom

This is my response:

The Obi508 is still being sold on Amazon as Google Voice (GV) compatible and there is a link to the product on Obi's forum page.  I am and always was using the Obi508 for personal calls and never used the product for business purposes.  The type of usage on the Obi508 for GV was light. 

I visited both links and called Google G Suite and they explained that there is no Google Voice integration with their product.  So, there is no way to use the Obi508 with Google Voice, even though it is marketed as Google Voice Compatible.

As for my CallCentric accounts, they are inbound accounts only and you cannot make outbound calls on them.  So I effectively cannot use my Obi508.

Lastly, are you confirming that no one can use the Obi508 with Google Voice?  This is very confusing.  If the Obi508 can be used with Google Voice, what are the conditions?

As we see, it seems that by Polycom claiming to refund my service contract, they are saying that they will not provide technical support for my Obi508 any more.  They directed me to a product that doesn't exist.  It looks like Polycom let us down and I will never again buy any product for sale by Polycom, including Plantronics.


I have a 508VS and I have been out without service on In or Out calls for three weeks, I have sent multiple support tickets without any avail.  If someone has a fix or information that would be greatly appreciated. 


I don't believe they plan on fixing it, they just like to take the $$ which would be known as theft by deception, If you recently bought it return it or do a chargeback on your credit card ! They havent worked in close to a month now and the 5-10ish people that I know of that have called them get a run around,.


I just requested Amazon remove all of Obihai's product listings until the fix the lies
on current product listings.

Clearly 504 and 508 devices will never work with GV again.

Class action is certainly in order, at least for anyone that purchased after March 2019.


This is perfect !! If you could provide a link to where you asked AMAZON Ill do the same, as I also purchased from AMAZON and am also screwed by this company... HUNDREDS down the drain also and im a VERIFIED Purchaser with AMZ on a 508.



Is there any official word from Obi/Polycom regarding discontinuing GV with the 504/508 devices?

It hasn't worked with our 508 since March.

The 504/508 devices aren't even listed on the Polycom Google hardware page:

I'm OK switching to a SIP provider, but our usage is super low and GV was a good solution.  (a handful of calls per day on about 5 lines; so low that I didn't hear about it until June)

It's certainly their prerogative to not support GV on these devices, but an official announcement would be nice instead of keeping everyone guessing about why it's broken.


According to DSLReports the Obi504vs and Obi508vs both do not work because Obi/Polycom used an IP address for their TLS/OAuth connection instead of a domain.

From the post:
QuoteThe 50x fw implemented the oauth2 and SIP extensions required by GVSIP to work with GV, except that the implementation missed specifying the TLS hostname for the connection [...] Everything worked fine until March 2019 when google did some hostname-based routing (i.e. vs which exposed obi50x's shitty hostname-less implementation.

I kinda figured obi/poly might release an updated stock fw with the trivial 1-line change (which is already correct in [firmwares] for obi20x and obi10xx) for their $300 devices, but I guess I was wrong...

So a 1-line fix.  And in 10 months, Obi/Polycom hasn't so much as acknowledged that it is broken.

I'm pretty disappointed.